My name is Rik Vermeulen, born in The Netherlands, age 53.

I am trained at Bodymind Opleidingen at Integrated Psychotherapy and registered at professional association SBLP.  Bodymind Opleidingen is a recognized institute by the European Association for Body Psychotherapy

Individual Therapy
Integrated Psychotherapy addresses the body, emotions and mind, and supports clients in their personal search for health, relaxation, authenticity and emotional maturity.
It is in early childhood that we develop a variety of coping mechanisms for ourselves, and often with reason. As we grow older these mechanisms often turn redundant, yet remain operational even when life’s situation may have changed. It is in these moments the aged coping mechanisms end up causing us physical and psychological pains. In therapy we bring awareness to your body and pay close attention to your mental thoughts. We explore the mechanisms, give expression to repressed pains and desires, and bring hidden qualities back into your life. Eventually, when connecting with your original desires, truth and perception, health, joy and creativity returns in your life.

Integrated Pychotherapy Methodologies,
(Reichian) Breathingwork | Bio Energetics | Characterstyles | Bodydrama | Conscious conversation | Constellation Work | Group Dynamics

This therapy is for people with,
Anxiety | Tension, stress, internal criticism | Psychosomatic problems, digestion and sleeping problems, hyperventilation | Vital problems, recognized as low energy, depression, burn-out | Relationship and sexual problems

Length and Cost,
A 20 minute introductory conversation is voluntary and free of charge. This is possible on location in Rotterdam or online. Prior to a first therapy session an intake session is scheduled. The intake session and following therapy sessions have a duration of 75 minutes and cost 90 Euro. Appointments are possible Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 18:00 hour.

When complemental insured in The Netherlands most insurances will cover part of your session fee. Please check with your insurance company for more information.

I also offer therapy through Video Calling and use (privacy proof) platform

For more information on myself, my education and registrations, the practice location and its accessibility, the GDRP/General Data Protection Regulation and the complaints procedures, I have to refer you to the Dutch pages of this website. Feel free to contact me for any further inquiries. You can contact me at or +31 6 224 225 12 or via the ‘Contactformulier’.