Next to Body Psychotherapy I offer Creative Counselling for creative professionals with a project, both individual or in small group with the Project Reimagined Workshop.

Alongside mental and emotional processes, the body is as an important key to understanding where you are in respect to your creative project. You are invited to enter a state of curiosity and not-knowing, and move towards a more complete perception of what is. Together we investigate what obstructs and supports your creative ability, and aim to free you from unhelpful habitual images and behaviour. When the project is approached in a more embodied way, from a place of attention, openness and congruence, new images and ideas arise.

The Creative Counselling and Project Reimagined Workshop address professional film- and theater makers, writers and visual artists with a project; in research phase or looking to strengthen and invigorate the work.

Projects 2022-2023 (a selection)

Indisch Zwijgen, Sven Peetoom, Juliette Dominicus, There Will be Film, (Short Documentary) role: participating therapist in narrative

Leafing Through A Photo Album And Setting It Aside by Joke Olthaar and Esther Schoonhoven (Graphic Design) participants Project Reimagined Workshop 2022

Licht. The stories of Yazidi women, Tea Tupajić, Münchner Kammerspiele, premiere 23 Februari 2023 (Theater) Therapeutic and Creative Advisor

And other projects that I can not disclose for privacy reason.

A number of individual trajectories have been financially supported by PPO Werktuig